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Who I am

My name is Tony Ramirez or Tone, also known as TFTI BBQ on my social media platforms. I was born in Charleston South Carolina but have lived almost my entire life in the Bay Area of Northern California. My passions revolve around the art of barbecue and savoring a good brew. I’ve honed my backyard barbecue skills over a span of 15+ years, being entirely self-taught through a combination of devouring BBQ Pit Master reruns, YouTube and learning from my own culinary mishaps. Back in 2021 I started my Social Media journey with no realistic ambitions to become anything more than just a guy that posts pictures and videos of good barbecue. Lo and behold it would have turned into a full time career all while supporting my family. 


Culinary Flavors

My culinary inclinations are a tribute to my late mother, who was a devoted stay-at-home mom with an unwavering love for cooking. Her roots trace back to Cajun French heritage in Louisiana, while my father hails from the Philippines. He also had a passion for food and was a Chef in the Navy. But when he met my mother she took over the kitchen and he was not allowed back in since. In my cooking, I endeavor to blend the rich culinary traditions of both sides of my family, Cajun and Filipino w/ good barbecue. 


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Backyard BBQ

One of my greatest pleasures is hosting backyard barbecue gatherings at my home, where I enjoy in preparing great barbecue and providing entertainment for my tight knit circle of friends and family. All while having plenty of drinks. Check out my show on Embers TV where you get a tour of my backyard where it all happens and the backyards of many of your favorite BBQ Pitmasters, Home Cooks, Chefs and Enthusiasts. 

My Signature

“That’s Money!” This slogan defined my videos and how I felt about what I created. 

Money = Delicious 

"That's Money!"


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