Iberico Pork Picnic Roast-Collaboration w/ Matt Groark of Groark Boys BBQ

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Prep Time: 30 Min | Cook Time: 4-6 hrs

  1.  Using olive oil as a binder then seasoned w/ @rubcitybbq Hat Hanger and Groark Boys BBQ Pork
  2.  Added a thin layer of salt on the skin side
  3.  Smoked on the @snsgrills Kamado at around 250-275
  4.  When temp reaches around 180 we did a foil boat on the bottom then pumped up temp to around 300-350
  5.  Cooked until internal reached 200 then let rest for a couple hours
  6.  Gave it a 400 degree hot oil bath to crisp up the skin then we shredded. Things got a little out of hand after that from the excitement 

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