The Best BBQ Content Creators Just Launched A TV Network

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For all the carnivores out there, what is more satisfying than watching a seasoned veteran grill-master show you how to cook the perfect ribs, chicken, or brisket? TikTok and Instagram have become hotbeds for BBQ content, teaching the home cook how to turn their backyard into an outdoor kitchen oasis. Embers TV launches at 6:30pm PST today, September 9th, a collaboration between some of the most famous BBQ influencers and content creators across the United States. The Embers TV co-founding team consists of Jeremy Yoder (Mad Scientist BBQ: 584k on YT | 90k on IG | 12k on TikTok), Matthew Goark (Groark Boys BBQ: 3.4M on TikTok | 725k on YT | 151k on IG), Bradley Robinson (Chud’s BBQ: 325k on YT | 73k on IG | 41k on TikTok), Tony Ramirez (TFTI BBQ: 1.5M on TikTok | 215k on IG | 22k on YT), Marco Sanchez (Woodfire and Whiskey: 1.8M on TikTok | 89k on IG | 20k on YT), and Carlos Bradley (Smoke & Vine: 366k on TikTok | 26k on IG | 12k on YT). Talk about influence! They have amassed millions of views across all the major social media platforms and are now launching THE content platform of ALL BBQ content platforms! 

Embers TV Redefines Outdoor Cooking Content

Are you ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the world of barbecue, open-fire and outdoor cooking? Embers TV is your gateway to a treasure trove of grill-centric content that’s second to none.

Embers TV Unveiled

Embers TV is not just another streaming platform — it’s a culinary adventure waiting to be savored. Whether you’re a seasoned postmaster or a backyard barbecue enthusiast, the platform offers something for everyone. Dive into a world where open-fire cooking, outdoor grilling, and barbecue mastery take center stage through original series, documentaries, masterclasses, travel shows and more. 

Embers TV is the most exciting project in the barbecue/open-fire world. I jumped at the chance to cook alongside people who love barbecue the way I do. The laughs, late nights, early mornings, afternoon naps, greasy clothes, and bleary-eyed reward of completing a low and slow cook make barbecuing one of the most taxing things I do, but also one of the most rewarding. I am chomping at the bit to film new cuts, working with a wide array of proteins and new locations with the Embers TV crew. This platform will allow me to finally create content that is commensurate with the vision I have in my head.” Says Jeremy Yoder, one of Embers TV’s founders and most prominent barbecue YouTubers.

Igniting the Passion

Why Embers TV, you ask? It’s because the team who is launching the platform believe in the power of outdoor cooking and that it has the power to bring people together. It’s more than just food; it’s culture, its tradition, and it’s a celebration of the great outdoors. They’re here to fan the flames of your passion for grilling.

Embers TV is the perfect example the old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each of our founders, investors, and partners all do incredible things on their own, but now with us all coming together to launch Embers TV, there is truly no limit to what we can build. We’ve assembled some of the greatest names in BBQ, Open-Fire, and Outdoor Cooking and we couldn’t be more excited for the content we plan to bring to you in the months and years ahead.” Says Carlos Bradley, CEO and one of the Co-Founder of Embers

Your All-Access Pass

So, how does Embers TV work? The app is available worldwide and on all major platforms. With just a few clicks, you’ll gain access to:

• Exclusive Content: Get ready for a filling lineup of original shows, tutorials, and live streams featuring renowned pit masters, outdoor cooking experts, and your favorite creators who you have come to know and follow on social media.

• Recipes Galore: Discover a mouthwatering collection of barbecue recipes from around the world. From smokey ribs to perfectly seared steaks, Embers TV has it all.

• Community Connection: Join a vibrant community of barbecue enthusiasts, attend subscriber-exclusive Embers TV events, share your grilling triumphs and connect with fellow grill aficionados.

Get Fired Up and Join the Embers TV Revolution!

Are you eager to elevate your barbecue skills? Do you crave the thrill of open-fire cooking? Can you not get enough of the greatest stories of outdoor cooking from around the world? Embers TV is your go-to destination for all things barbecue.

Subscribe to Embers TV today and embark on a flavory journey that’ll leave you craving more. Ignite your passion for barbecue and become a part of the Embers TV revolution. Subscribe at or by downloading Embers TV on your favorite device.

I am especially excited for the launch of The Smoke & Vine series, where Carlos Bradley and guests will take viewers on a cinematic journey pairing wine with barbecue. You’ll visit some of the nations best wine regions and learn what to drink with your favorite barbecue dishes. What a way to elevate your home BBQ experience, learning from the most inspired to don the tongs and pull corks. 

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