This New Streaming Network Is Like 'Netflix' For BBQ Lovers

Photo: Embers TV



There’s a delicious revolution happening in the world of food content, as a team of barbecue enthusiasts and content creators has launched Embers TV, a unique streaming network entirely dedicated to the world of barbecue. The platform promises to redefine the experience of outdoor cooking.


Embers TV offers a diverse range of content, including original series, documentaries, masterclasses, travel shows, and more, catering to a wide audience, from seasoned grillmasters to backyard barbecue enthusiasts. So picture a 24/7 network of renowned pit masters, outdoor cooking experts, and your favorite creators celebrating all things barbecue.


The new streaming network also encourages community engagement, enabling barbecue enthusiasts to share their experiences and participate in subscriber-exclusive events.


Embers TV looks to be a journey into the world of barbecue and outdoor cooking, seasoned with a generous helping of content and camaraderie.


You can subscribe via or download the Embers TV app on your preferred device.

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