Chicharron Pork Belly

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Prep Time: 24 hrs | Cook Time: 3.5 hrs

  • Pork Belly w/ skin on
  • BBQ rub
  • Kosher salt
  • Lime

• Seasoned meat side w/ @blazingstarbbq Beef rub
• Scrape skin side to get all the slime and moisture out
• Refrigerate overnight to dry out skin
• Next day Preheat smoker to 250
• Cover skin side w/ Kosher salt
• Smoke indirect till you see fat is rendering down about 2-3hrs
• Remove from smoker
• Remove salt and place back into smoker
• At this point you can crank up your smoker to the highest setting to crisp up skin. Or if your smoker has a top rack you’re going to want to add hot and lit coals to an aluminum tray and place above your pork belly
• Cook till skin bubbles up and gets crispy then remove
• Once rested, slice up and serve with freshly squeezed lime juice

♨️ @chargrillergrills AKORN Auto Kamado
🔥 @jealousdevilcharcoal Chunx
🧂 @blazingstarbbq Beef rub

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