Buttery Cajun Wings

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Prep Time: 1 hr | Cook Time: 45 Min

  1.  Score the wings so marinade can penetrate to the bone
  2.  In a container add in your wings and @tonychacheres Butter & Jalapeño Injectable Marinade
  3.  You can marinade in the fridge for an hour or overnight preferably. Or if you’re boujee like me I used my @avidarmor USV32 Chamber Vac’s instant marinade function to bring all that marinade into the meat in minutes.
  4.  Pat wings dry then season w/ @tonychacheresLite Creole Seasoning
  5.  Then onto the @chargrillergrills at 400 for 45 min or until internal reaches 190 if you want them crispy.
  6.  Top w/ fresh jalapeños and one bite them flats like a Pro 💪🏽

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