Cajun Garlic Alfredo Wings

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Prep Time: 24 hrs | Cook Time: 45 Min


🔥2lbs chicken wings
🔥Pickle juice


🔥2 cups potato starch
🔥Salt, pepper, garlic
🔥Cajun seasoning

Cajun Alfredo sauce:

🔥 ½ stick of butter
🔥1 ½ cups heavy cream or half and half
🔥1 fresh garlic bulb minced
🔥1 tbsp Cajun seasoning
🔥1 tsp smoked paprika
🔥1 tsp cayenne pepper
🔥1-2 cups freshly grated Parmesan cheese

🔥Brine wings in buttermilk and pickle juice for at least an hour or overnight
🔥For dredge in a large bowl add potato starch
🔥Season w/ SPG and Cajun seasoning
🔥Remove wings from brine and fully coat in dredge
🔥Fry at 325 till golden brown
🔥Melt butter in a large sauce pan
🔥Add garlic and cook till slightly brown
🔥Add in heavy cream or half and half
🔥Season w/ Cajun seasoning, smoked paprika and cayenne and mix
🔥Add Parmesan a little at a time until desired thickness
🔥Coat wings w/ sauce
🔥Top with fresh chopped chives and enjoy 🤙🏽

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