No Wrap Brisket Method

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Prep Time: 1 hr | Cook Time: 12-14 hrs

  • High Quality American Wagyu Brisket from RC Ranch
  • Texas Hat Hanger Rub from Rub City


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  1. Trim brisket to your liking. I left more fat than I would normally leave just because I wanted to protect the meat more from not drying out since I am not wrapping it for the entire cook. Saving fat trimmings in a foil pan to render during cook for beef tallow
  2. Using W-sauce as a binder ( or use hot sauce or Olive oil) then season heavily with your favorite SPG Rub
  3. In a 225F pre heated offset place brisket on other end of fire box with the point facing the fire box. Adding a water pan on fire box side and a wood split close to the point side of the brisket to prevent point from taking too much heat and preventing it from drying out. Also place fat trimmings in smoker to render into tallow.
  4. Once internal temp reaches around 203F or until meat probe glides into brisket like melted butter remove.
  5. Lay down some butcher paper and pour some of that rendered beef tallow onto paper. Place brisket on top of tallow then add more tallow on top of the brisket.
  6. Wrap brisket nice and tight then place in a foil pan and top with more tallow and place in a warmer or pre heated oven set to 170F until ready to slice and serve. I rested overnight.

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