Wagyu Beef Ribs

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Prep Time: 30 Min | Cook Time: 6-8 hrs

  1. Trim any excess fat and silver skin for more smoke penetration
  2. Save fat and add to a small pan to render into beef tallow which will be used for later
  3. W-Sauce as a binder then season w/ Salt & Pepper 
  4. Insert Meater probe in and set to beef ribs 203F
  5. Get your smoker fired up using Post Oak and set to 225F
  6. Get your ribs and fat in the smoker and go have several beers and just wait 4-6 hrs until internal temp is around 180F and you have a beautiful bark
  7. When bark is set and with a internal temp of around 180F remove from smoker
  8. Place on to butcher paper and cover in beef tallow then wrap it like a present and place back into the smoker at 250F
  9. When internal temp reaches around 200F remove and rest for 1-2 hrs in a cooler or warmer
  10. When ready slice up and enjoy the BEST bite in BBQ.

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