Foil Boat Method Australian Wagyu Brisket

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Prep Time: 1 hr | Cook Time: 14-24 hrs


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  1. Trim all the thick fat and silver skin. Best if the brisket is right out the fridge or even place in the freezer for 20 min before trimming to make trimming easier. Leaving a thin layer of fat to protect the meat. Save fat trimmings and place in an aluminum pan for rendering into beef tallow. Meat trimmings can be used for burgers etc
  2.  Using Hot sauce as a binder coat the brisket.
  3. Season with SPG liberally
  4. Place Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer in and set internal done temp to 203.
  5. While the meat is resting get your smoker to 225F using your favorite wood. Continue adding wood for the 1st 2-3 hrs for maximum wood flavor and bark.
  6. When smoker is up to temp place brisket in fat side up. Also place tray of fat trimmings into smoker then close the lid.
  7. Once temp reaches about 170-180F remove and place on a doubled layer of foil with some of that rendered tallow underneath.
  8. Form and roll the foil surrounding the brisket into a wall to hold in juices and tallow. Keeping it close to the meat. Then pour half of the remaining tallow over the brisket.
  9. Set smoker to 250F and place brisket back into smoker.
  10. When brisket reaches around 195-200 check brisket with a meat probe or even a toothpick to feel tenderness. All briskets cook up to different temps  for tenderness so once the probe or toothpick glides into the meat like butter then its time to remove from smoker.
  11. Place brisket onto butcher paper, adding more tallow then wrapping tightly. 
  12. Place into an aluminum tray, pour remaining tallow over then place into your oven at its lowest setting of 170F until ready to cut up. I left mine in for almost 12 hrs for the next day. The longer the rest the better to ensure tenderness and juiciness. 
  13. When ready remove, slice in and enjoy

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